Download annotations

Current GO annotation downloads

The GAF download page has GAF files for selected species.

GAF & GPAD+GPI files are also available from the /annotations/ directory of the current release:

Other species

If your organism is not available in the above links, you can use AmiGO’s annotation search feature to view or download annotations. See our FAQ for further information as well as how to retrieve annotations for species that are not available in AmiGO.

About GO annotation formats

  • Released monthly
  • Files are taxon-specific, with a few exceptions including the Reactome and Candida Genome Database files
  • Current format guides:

Programmatic access to GO annotations

As for any resource in GO, GO annotations are accessible through the DOI-versioned release stored in Zenodo and can be retrieved using BDBag. Read more about programmatic access.

Error or omission ?

Any errors or omissions in annotations should be reported by writing to the GO helpdesk