Gene Ontology annotations Inferred by Curator (IC) using at least one Inferred by Sequence Similarity (ISS) annotation to support the inference

TBD; 2016

The Gene Ontology Consortium uses the IC (Inferred by Curator; ECO:0000305) evidence code when assignment of a GO term cannot be supported by direct experimental or sequence-based evidence, but can, based on a curator’s biological knowledge, be reasonably inferred from existing GO annotations to the same gene/gene product. Use of the IC evidence code with GO_REF:0000111 indicates that a curator inferred the GO term based on at least one supporting annotation with an ‘Inferred from Sequence Similarity’ (ISS; ECO:0000250) evidence code. Note that additional supporting annotations may be experimentally evidenced. When using GO_REF:0000111, the ‘with/from’ field must contain all GO identifiers used as supporting annotations.

External xrefs
  • FB:FBrf0233689
  • J:342606