Gene Ontology annotation based on curation of genome-wide subcellular localisation of proteins using fluorescent protein tagging in Trypanosoma brucei

TrypTag; 2016

Trypanosomes are exquisitely structured cells in which protein localisation can be extremely informative for likely function. TrypTag is a project using expression of N- and C-terminal mNeonGreen fusion proteins from the endogenous loci to determine the subcellular localisation of every gene in the Trypanosoma brucei genome. GO Cellular Component terms are manually assigned by curators studying fluorescence microscope images of the resulting cells labelled with mNeonGreen fusion proteins. As trypanosomes are a pathogenic basal eukaryote, this will indicate likely function of both highly conserved eukaryote genes and parasite-specific genes. Resource URL: http://www.tryptag.org Protein subcellular localisation images can be viewed on the Tryptag website, e.g. http://www.tryptag.org?id=Tb927.8.1550