Automatic transfer of experimentally verified manual GO annotation data to orthologs using Ensembl Compara.

GOA curators; 2016

GO terms from a source species are projected onto one or more target species based on gene orthology obtained from Ensembl Compara. One-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many orthology relations and anntations are transferred between orthologs that have at least a 40% peptide identity to each other. Only GO annotations with evidence codes ECO:0000314 (IDA), ECO:0000270 (IEP), ECO:0000316 (IGI), ECO:0000315 (IMP), and ECO:0000353 (IPI), or their descendants, are transferred; annotations with a ‘NOT’ qualifier are not transferred, and neither are annotations to GO:0005515 (protein binding). Annotations that are transferred using this method receive the evidence code ECO:0000265 (sequence orthology evidence used in automatic assertion), which maps up to the GO Inferred from Electronic Annotation (IEA) evidence code. The model organism database identifier of the annotation source will be indicated in the ‘With’ column of the GOA association file.

External xrefs
  • J:342605