Gene Ontology annotation based on curation of intracellular localizations of expressed fusion proteins in living cells.

LIFEdb; 2013

LIFEdb is a database that was created to manage the experimental data produced by the German Cancer Research Institute (DKFZ) and its collaborators, from work on cDNAs contained in the German cDNA Consortium collection.

A novel cloning technology was used to rapidly generate N- and C-terminal green fluorescent protein fusions of cDNAs to examine the intracellular localizations of expressed fusion proteins in living cells. GO Cellular Component terms are manually assigned by curators studying fluorescence microscope images of cells labelled with GFP-fused cDNAs. Protein coding regions of novel full length cDNAs are tagged with the coding sequence of the green fluorescent protein, the fusion proteins are then expressed and analyzed for their subcellular localization.

Prior to February 2013, all LIFEdb annotations were referenced by PMID: 11256614 (Simpson et al. 2000 EMBO Rep. 1:287-292), a paper describing the protein subcellular localization pilot study and methodology used by LIFEdb. However, it has been decided that these annotations are more correctly described by a GO reference.

Resource URL: http://www.dkfz.de/en/mga/Groups/LIFEdb-Database.html

Protein subcellular localization images can be viewed on the LIFEdb website, http://www.dkfz.de/gpcf/lifedb.php