Manual transfer of GO annotation data to genes by curator judgment of sequence model

PomBase curators; 2012

Transitive assignment of GO terms to a gene based on a curator’s judgment of its match to a sequence model,such as a Pfam or InterPro entry, that has manually curated GO annotations, mappings to GO terms, or a description from which GO terms can be inferred. A statistical model of a sequence or group of sequences is used to make a prediction about the function of a protein or RNA. Annotations are created when a curator evaluates the results, using criteria that include excluding false positives and ensuring that the annotation is accurate for all matches. Statistical scores (such as e values and cutoff scores) and the functional specificity of the model may also be (but are not always) considered. Annotations resulting from the transfer of GO terms use the ‘ISM’ evidence code and include an accession for the model from which the annotation was projected in the ‘with’ field (column 8).

External xrefs
  • FB:FBrf0231277