GO_REF:0000018 obsolete

OBSOLETE dictyBase 'Inferred from Electronic Annotation (BLAST method)'

DictyBase curators; 2005

Gene Ontology (GO) annotations with the evidence code ‘Inferred from Electronic Annotation’ (IEA) are assigned automatically to gene products in dictyBase. All Dictyostelium protein sequences are analyzed by BLAST against GO gene association sequence files, identifying proteins in other organisms that align with Dictyostelium proteins with an E value less than or equal to e-50. GO annotations that have been manually assigned to these proteins from other species are then imported and attached to the corresponding gene product in dictyBase. The proteins from which the annotations are derived are displayed in the ‘Evidence’ column on the Gene Ontology evidence and references page.

External xrefs
  • dictyBase_REF:10158