Use of the ND evidence code for Gene Ontology (GO) terms.

GO Curators; 2002

Direct annotations to any of the three root terms ‘molecular function; GO:0003674’, ‘biological process; GO:0008150’ or ‘cellular component; GO:0005575’ indicate that curators have found no data supporting an annotation to a more specific term, either in the literature and/or by sequence similarity for this gene or protein as of the date of the annotation.

External xrefs
  • ECO:0000307
  • AspGD_REF:ASPL0000111607
  • CGD_REF:CAL0125086
  • dictyBase_REF:2
  • dictyBase_REF:9851
  • FB:FBrf0159398
  • MGI:MGI:2156816
  • RGD:1598407
  • SGD_REF:S000069584
  • TAIR:Communication:1345790
  • ZFIN:ZDB-PUB-031118-1
  • GO_REF:nd