Gene Ontology annotation by the MGI curatorial staff, curated orthology

Mouse Genome Informatics scientific curators; 2001

The sequence conservation that permits the establishment of orthology between mouse and rat or mouse and human genes is a strong predictor of the conservation of function for the gene product across these species. Therefore, in instances where a mouse gene product has not been functionally characterized, but its human or rat orthologs have, Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI) curators append the GO terms associated with the orthologous gene(s) to the mouse gene. Only those GO terms assigned by experimental determination to the ortholog of the mouse gene will be adopted by MGI. GO terms that are assigned to the ortholog of the mouse gene computationally (i.e. IEA), will not be transferred to the mouse ortholog. The evidence code represented by this citation is Inferred by Sequence Orthology (ISO).

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