Gene Ontology annotation based on Enzyme Commission mapping

GO Central curators, 2024; 2001

In UniProt, proteins with enzymatic activities have traditionally been annotated using reference vocabularies such as the hierarchical enzyme classification of the Enzyme Nomenclature Committee of the IUBMB (often referred to as Enzyme Commission or EC numbers; https://enzyme.expasy.org/). EC numbers are manually curated in Swiss-Prot (‘UniProt Reviewed’) entries and added automatically to TrEMBL (‘UniProt Uneviewed’) entries. A mapping between EC numbers and GO Molecular Function terms is maintainted by GO editors. UniProt entries assigned with an EC number with a GO mapping are automatically annotated with the correponding GO term, as described in PMID:30395331. GO annotations using this method receive the evidence code Inferred from Electronic Annotation (IEA). This method has been evaluated at up to 100% accurate (Camon et. al. 2005). The EC2GO mapping file is available at http://current.geneontology.org/ontology/external2go/ec2go.