Gene Ontology annotation through association of InterPro records with GO terms.

GO Central curators, 2024.; 2001

InterPro (http://www.ebi.ac.uk/interpro/) is an integrated resource from the EBI of protein families, domains and sites which are combined from a number of different protein signature databases, including Gene3D, Panther, PRSF, Pfam, PRINTS, ProSite, ProDom, SMART, SUPERFAMILY and TIGRFAMs. Signatures describing the same protein family or domain are grouped into unique InterPro entries. When appropriate, the InterPro team maps InterPro entries to GO terms (Molecular Function, Biological Process and/or Cellular Component). InterPro runs InterProScan on the entire set of UniProt proteins. InterPro hits are assigned the corresponding GO annotations by the GOA pipeline. The mapping file is available at http://current.geneontology.org/ontology/external2go/interpro2go.


  • Note that some groups filter GO annotations based on InterPro-to-GO transitive assignment, e.g. to remove annotations redundant with manual curation.

External xrefs
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