EXP: Inferred from Experiment

This code is used in an annotation to indicate that an experimental assay has been located in the cited reference, whose results indicate a gene product's function, process involvement, or subcellular location (indicated by the GO term). The EXP code is the parent code for the IDA, IPI, IMP, IGI and IEP experimental codes.

The EXP evidence code can be used where any of the assays described for the IDA, IPI, IMP, IGI, or IEP evidence codes is reported. However it is highly encouraged that groups should annotate to one of the more specific experimental codes (IDA, IPI, IMP, IGI, or IEP) instead of EXP, and all curators directly involved in the GO Reference Genome annotation effort are obliged to use these and not EXP.

The EXP code exists for groups who would like to contribute high-quality GO annotations that are produced from directly associating GO terms to gene products by citing experimental published results, but where the group is unable to fit the appropriate specific experimental GO evidence code to each annotation.

A published reference should always be cited in the reference column, and no value should be entered into the with/from column of EXP annotations.