Download GO annotations


The gene association files submitted by GO Consortium members are shown in the tables below. Files are in the GO annotation file format and are compressed using the UNIX gzip utility. Please see the appropriate README file for further details on the annotation set. Any errors or omissions in annotations should be reported by writing to the GO Helpdesk.

Ontology and annotation data is integrated in the mySQL and XML files. See the GO database guide for more information.

These files can also be downloaded via FTP; we recommend this method for the larger files, such as the UniProt dataset, as the web-based download may not work correctly.

Filtered Files

These files are taxon-specific and reflect the work of specific projects, primarily the model organisms database groups, to provide comprehensive, non-redundant annotation files for their organism. All the files in this table have been filtered using the annotation file QC checks script. A major component to the filtering is the requirement that particular taxon IDs can only be included within the association files provided by specific projects; the current list of authoritative groups and major model organisms can be found below.

Filtered Annotation File Downloads

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