How do I find all annotations for species X that I can't find in AmiGO?

  1. Open the QuickGO web-page
  2. Click on the Search and Filter GO annotation sets link located beneath the search box
  3. This will lead you to an Annotation download page where you can click the filter icon (Located to the right hand side of the page)
  4. The filter annotations page you will see has a list of filter options located at the top of the page. Click on taxon to input the taxon identifier of the species you would like to get GO annotations for (Example: Taxon identifier 6279 for Brugia malayi)
  5. Click submit to get your results. If you click on the Statistics icon and then through the different tabs on the page that pop up, you can see the breakdown of the different annotations.
    • Number of annotations 37380 (example)
    • Number of distinct proteins 8357 (example)