Archived data

General GO archive

The general GO archive which includes both the ontology and annotations under different formats (including deprecated ones) is available at:

Archived ontology files

An archive of the ontology files (in both current and legacy formats) from the first of each month is available on the GO Database archive.

The archives are arranged by release type, and are split into ontology-only, ontology plus manual annotation, and full database (including electronic annotation) releases.

Archived MySQL database files

MySQL database dumps are no longer being produced.

The legacy MySQL database dumps, from start to final generation, are available at:


Archived GO subsets

  • There is an archive of GO subsets that were used in the past, but that are no longer maintained or updated. These files have been deposited for two reasons; the first is to give easy access to the GO slim used in a particular publication or analysis; the second is for reuse by others in the community. Because these GO slims are no longer maintained by the authors they may contain GO terms which are now obsolete. All archival GO slims are in the deprecated GO flat file format in which the parentage and relationships were indicated by indentation and punctuation characters (e.g. ‘%’ to indicate an is_a relationship).

If you are looking for current, actively maintained GO slims, please see the guide to GO subsets

Topic / Usage Information Download
Generic GO slim Suparna Mundodi and Amelia Ireland Aug 2002 old GO format
Honey bee ESTs C.W. Whitfield, M.R. Band, M.F. Bonaldo, C.G. Kumar, L. Liu, J.R. Pardinas, H.M. Robertson, M.B. Soares, G.E. Robinson, PMID:11923340 Apr 2002 old GO format
Drosophila M. Adams, M. Ashburner, G.M. Rubin, S.E. Lewis et al.; Adams et al., PMID:10731132 Mar 2000 old GO format
Glossina ESTs M. Berriman Sep 2002 old GO format
UniProtKB-GOA N. Mulder, M. Pruess PMID:12230037 Nov 2002 old GO format
Mouse The RIKEN Genome Exploration Group Phase II Team and the FANTOM Consortium PMID:11217851 Feb 2001 old GO format
P. falciparum M. Berriman July 2002 old GO format
Plant Suparna Mundodi Dec 2002 old GO format
Rice (Beijing) J. Yu et al. PMID:11935017 Apr 2002 old GO format
Rice (Syngenta) J. Yu et al. PMID:11935018 Apr 2002 old GO format
Yeast SGD curators Aug 2003 old GO format
Prokaryotic subset GO curators. Replaced by taxon constraints. old GO format

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